Trekking Poles

Outzie Trekking Poles With Shock Absorption

My Outzie trekking poles were my first set of trekking poles, ever. Most trekking poles that I found, were pretty costly, but the Outzie trekking poles were very reasonable, and had shock-absorption, so I chose them.  

My Outzie trekking poles have seen countless miles, and a few weeks on the Appalachian Trail, and they are my go-to poles.  I have tried other poles, but I haven't found any that I like even as much.

Upgraded Outzie Trekking Poles

Upgraded Outzie Trekking Poles

Outzie sent me a set of their new, upgraded Outzie trekking poles, and I have to say that they're even better than the original Outzie trekking poles.

These poles feel even sturdier, and the shock absorption system is still good and strong, and does its job perfectly.  These trekking poles come with the rubber tip and the mud baskets that my original Outzie trekking poles have, as well as snow baskets and Nordic walking feet.

Check out the new Outzie trekking poles!

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