Sleeping Bags & Pads

Outdoor Vitals Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

The Outdoor Vitals ML150 sleeping bag is a cold-weather sleeping bag.  Outdoor Vitals has designed the ML150 to have a limit of 30 degrees, though I have found myself using it comfortably in temperatures below that.*

Outdoor Vitals has made the ML150 sleeping bag to be very lightweight, and highly affordable, easily being comparable to sleeping bags of much higher cost.

*I do not endorse using the Outdoor Vitals sleeping bag below the temperature suggested.

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Ecoopro LW210 Sleeping Bag

The Ecoopro LW210 sleeping bag is a great three-season bag.  It is lightweight, and comes in its own compression sack.

Its comfort temperature is 60F, with 50F being its limit, but I have done well in it even lower... though I don't recommend intentionally exceeding the manufacturer's specifications.

If you want a comfortable, lightweight, and cost-effective three-season sleeping bag, the Ecoopro LW210 may be the bag for you!

Check the video for another great feature!

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Kelty Tumbler 50/70 Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Tumbler 50/70 sleeping bag is the perfect sleeping bag to meet most camping situations.  Kelty has made the Tumbler 50/70 sleeping bag comfortable to 50 degrees F in one use, and 70 degrees F in the other.

The Kelty Tumbler 50/70 sleeping bag is lightweight, compacts nicely, and is a very cost-effective sleeping bag.

My Kelty Tumbler 50/70 sleeping bag is the bag that I use most often on extended hiking trips.  The Tumbler 50/70 is sure to meet your needs.


Thermarest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad

The Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad makes those nights on the trail just that much more comfortable.

The Thermarest Z-Lite is an egg-crate foam pad, with a silver finish on one side, to reflect your body heat back on those cold nights.

My Z-lite sleeping pad has seen a great many miles, and is still holding up very well.  Thermarest has made the Z-lite to be very lightweight, but durable, and quite affordable.

The Thermarest Z-Lite may be the last pad you'll need.

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Klymit Self Inflate V Sleeping Pad

The Klymit Self Inflate V sleeping pad is a great air mattress for backpacking.  While heavier than a foam mat, it is also far more comfortable.  I have spent many nights on the Klymit Self Inflate V, and have noticed improved sleep and comfort.  

With a foam sleeping pad, my hip bones can ache in the night, from sleeping on my side, because the foam mat compresses and allows my hips more contact with the ground.

The Klymit air mat retains its comfort all night!

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