Heinly Customs Knives

Heinly Customs Knives creates a wide range of high-quality custom and production knives.  Please watch the video, or learn more about Heinly Customs custom and production knives below.

About Heinly Customs

Heinly Customs creates high-quality custom and production knives, using a wide variety of materials.  Each custom and production knife is carefully crafted by hand, and expertly sharpened.

Heinly Customs production knives have two different materials available for their handles, and come standard with a kydex sheath molded specifically to its knife.  The handle material options for the Heinly Customs production knives are G10, a fiberglass material, and micarta, a resin product with layers of canvas contained within.

Should you go the custom knife route, Heinly Customs also offers the two handle options available with their production knives, but you can also choose an exotic hardwood, bone, or antler for your handles.

All Heinly Customs knives are crafted with high-carbon steel, rather than stainless, because high-carbon steel is easier to sharpen and more durable than stainless.

What sets Heinly Customs apart from most other production and custom knife makers, is that for just the cost of shipping, Heinly Customs offers free sharpening of their knives, up to twice per year.

If you're in the market for a high-quality knife for any outdoor activity, or you just like beautifully crafted knives, you'll want to check out Heinly Customs.

Thanks for checking in, and Keep Hiking!

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