Hydration Gear

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system is very lightweight, compact, affordable, and effective.  I have carried my Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system on every section hike, and it has done the job beautifully.

Sawyer has made this water filter to be so easy to use, that even when I've hiked in groups with children, the kids were able to filter water for us.

The Sawyer Squeeze can work with the Sawyer water bags, or with standard plastic bottles.

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Nalgene Water Bottle

The Nalgene water bottle is more than just a water bottle.  It's a water bottle that is guaranteed for life.  I have seen Nalgene bottles take quite a beating, without sustaining any appreciable harm.

I have included some details below, along with an informational graphic from Nalgene, with some of the potential health and environmental benefits to using a Nalgene bottle.

This video showcases the Nalgene water bottle, as well as some uses that I'm sure Nalgene hadn't intended.

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Why Should You Use a Nalgene Water Bottle?


Here's Why You Should Use a Nalgene Water Bottle!

In researching the benefits of using a lifetime water bottle instead of the standard disposable bottles, I researched the history behind Nalgene, and came across this image on their website.

If you're a hiker, you know you want our environment to stay clean and healthy, so that generations behind us can continue to enjoy our sport.  Switching to a lifetime bottle will help to keep our environment clean, because statistics show that most disposable/recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills.  One doesn't have to look far to see the effects of disposable plastic bottles on our oceans, either.  If for no other reason, switching to a lifetime water bottle such as the Nalgene water bottle will help to eliminate literally tons of bottles filling our landfills or polluting our oceans.

As the image shows, if you switch to a lifetime water bottle like the Nalgene, in just one year, you will have kept 167 bottles from a landfill.

As if that weren't enough, switching to a Nalgene water bottle could also have positive benefits to your health.  Too many plastics these days have BPA and other toxic substances within their makeup.  Those toxins will eventually leach into your water, which you then take into your body.  This is especially true when the water bottle is exposed to heat, such as being left in a hot car, which accelerates the breakdown of the plastic, and the absorption of those toxins into your body.

You'll also most likely save a considerable amount of money in the long run with a Nalgene water bottle.  For around $10, you get a bottle that is absolutely guaranteed for life.  I've seen a Nalgene take quite a bit of abuse and, other than a few scuffs, have come out no worse for wear.  I know of one that fell off of a 2-story roof, smacked onto the concrete pool deck below, bounced a few times, and came to a stop without so much as spilling a drop, and with just a few noticeable scratches at the original point of impact.

The reasons are many as to why everyone should own at least one Nalgene water bottle, and I can't think of a single one as to why someone shouldn't have one.

If you've watched my video review of the Nalgene water bottle, you'll also learn a couple of uses for it, that I don't think Nalgene intended, but that make it all the better.  If you buy a Nalgene water bottle, you won't regret it!