Homemade Hiking Meal - SUPER KETO Chicken Scampi

Thanks to the Carba-Nada noodles, this homemade hiking meal is ridiculously Keto!  This is my most Keto homemade hiking meal to date, with only about 9g of net carbs.

However, this homemade hiking meal isn't sacrificing flavor... it's also extremely foodie-friendly, because it packs quite a bit of flavor into this meal.

Each homemade hiking meal recipe presents its ingredient challenges, and this one was no different, but I think you'll be happy with the results.


Homemade Hiking Meal - Ace's Chicken Curry

This homemade hiking meal brings another exotic meal to the campsite.  A good curry has always been a comfort food for me, and the smell of this homemade hiking meal is out of this world!

Much like my chicken with Thai peanut sauce recipe, when I make this on the trail, other hikers are jealous that we're eating so well!

This recipe is also very Keto, which is proof that you don't have to live on pepperoni on the trail.  You can eat really well, and stay Keto, with many of my homemade hiking meals

Homemade Hiking Meal - Chicken With Thai Peanut Sauce

In searching for ingredients for homemade hiking meal recipes for specialized diets, I often come across ingredients that don't fit the recipe that I'm working on, but interest me enough to want to create another recipe for a homemade hiking meal.

This homemade hiking meal recipe is one of those recipes.  The peanut butter powder piqued my interest, and I set out to find something that I could do with it.  Hikers and foodies alike, have told me that this Thai peanut sauce tastes amazing.  Try it!

Homemade Hiking Meal - Ace's Mom's Chicken Carbonara

This homemade hiking meal continues the series of foodie-friendly meals.  My mom's version of chicken carbonara was a blend of carbonara with Alfredo, so this homemade hiking meal is modeled around that, rather than the traditional carbonara.

This homemade hiking meal has a creamy sauce, with freeze-dried peas that hydrate perfectly, and bacon jerky that adds flavor without getting too hydrated.

Ace's Mom's chicken carbonara is further proof that meals can fuel hikers, while still tasting great!

Homemade Hiking Meal - Keto Beef Stroganoff

This homemade hiking meal is my version of Beef Stroganoff!  In my search for new recipes, I began eating an inordinate amount of ramen, and put on a bit of weight... causing me to look for a meal bulk that is more Keto-friendly.

This homemade hiking meal uses a very Keto-friendly noodle, that hydrates well, is low-carb, and tastes great!

I have worked very hard to create homemade hiking meals that taste like what you would cook in the kitchen, and this one brings it home!

Homemade Hiking Meal - Shepherd's Pie

This homemade hiking meal is one of my favorite comfort foods.  The only thing that my shepherd's pie is missing, is the gravy, but I didn't want to have it all mixed together to create a meal of "brown".

However, this homemade hiking meal isn't really missing the gravy.  The instant mashed potatoes that I use, hydrate absolutely perfectly, as do the vegetables.

I have enjoyed my shepherd's pie, and have shared it with others, who all have enjoyed it, and agreed that the gravy isn't necessary.