Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

The Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks really live up to their name.  Showers Pass has created a waterproof sock that is comfortable, affordable, and effective.

I looked for waterproof socks after a freak snowstorm caused me to hike all day in shoes wet from snow melt.  Had I had my Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks on that trip, I would not have gotten a touch of frostbite on three toes.

Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks do the job!


This week, my Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks, both failed at the same time.  I have contacted Showers Pass to have my waterproof socks sent back for warranty service, and will be sending them back asap.

Until the situation is resolved, I can't in good conscience continue to recommend the Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks.  I am hoping that Showers Pass makes good on their product, but after only 28 days of hiking, the Crosspoint waterproof socks failed.  Here's hoping!


New Balance Trail Runners

One of the most important pieces of equipment are your shoes.  There is a great debate about trail runners versus hiking boots.  Both have pros and cons.  Trail runners are lighter, cooler, more flexible and comfortable, and dry quickly.  Hiking boots are heavier and less flexible, but offer more ankle support.

Having hiked with both, I prefer trail runners over hiking boots.  I've hiked in Florida, Utah, and the Appalachian Trail in my trail runners.  That's my choice.

Buy Your New Balance Trail Runners Here

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*I am not affiliated with any of these websites, I am just sharing information with you to help you determine what hiking footwear is best for you.  I am sold on trail runners over hiking boots, and will always buy New Balance trail runners when they are available.  However, you need to make sure that you make the right footwear choice for yourself. 

The two items that can make your hike enjoyable, or uncomfortable, are your backpack and your shoes.  Trail runners always keep my feet comfortable, because they are much more lightweight and flexible, and have great traction on many surfaces, in many conditions.

If you watch the video to the end, I'll show you how to tie your trail runners using the heel lock lacing, to prevent blisters on the trail!


Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt

Doing much hiking in Florida, the notion of a cooling shirt intrigued me, so I bought the Arctic Cool Cooling Shirt.

Arctic Cool makes a comfortable shirt, that I have found to block the heat quite a bit.  While I haven't often felt the cooling that Arctic Cool claims, I have occasionally had a brief moment where it felt cooler.

However, just blocking the heat is a great benefit. In more moderate climates, the Arctic Cool cooling shirt would probably do the job.

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